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Our Fave Tools

* indicates an affiliate link. Every tool mentioned below is a tool that we’ve personally tested and use to run various aspects of Rebel Office. We would never recommend a tool that we are not obsessed with.


An essential for online coaching or consulting businesses, Zoom is a great free tool that most entrepreneurs have and expect as an alternative to other video conferencing tools. It lets you chat, record, share your screen and have up to 100 people in it, which makes it great for webinars + online meet ups too!


Dubsado is a big timesaver and can seriously up your customer experience game. Put your most professional foot forward, show your clients that you’re on top of your sh*t AND take things OFF of your plate instead of adding things onto them every time you get a new client. It’s a great tool to streamline your onboarding process, including streamlining your contracts, payment reminders and invoices. It also has a bunch of new features for lead generation – all to make MORE time, not take it away.


Set it and forget it when it comes to your Instagram feed. Later is a great app not only for time management purposes, but it also has a great feature that lets you preview your feed, meaning you can make sure your content is aligned with your brand and flows well.


It’s a spreadsheet on steroids. It’s interactive and has different views (i.e. instead of a table, you can set it up in a calendar, gallery or boards like Trello & Asana). Airtable is our latest obsession and we recommend it to literally everyone. It’s great for tracking projects, creating content calendars or keeping content banks, tracking contacts and more. Sure, it’s a little overwhelming at first, so take your time to really build and customize it to your needs.


A tool we’ve used since the very beginning, Asana has been our ride-or-die. Back when we were a one-lady-show that just needed basic organization and a place to dump all of our big ideas, and now to manage tasks amongst our teams and STILL dump all of our big ideas, Asana keeps things straightforward and us on track. A+++ from us.


Buffer, like Later, is a social media scheduling app that is a freakin’ lifesaver when it comes to posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Task batching is one of the best skills you can learn as an entrepreneur, and Buffer is your partner in crime when it comes to staying consistent on social media.


Mailchimp is great, especially for the beginner, but also has the capability to grow with you as your business grows. It’s free for the first 2,000 subscribers, fairly intuitive to get setup and has all the key features that any online business needs. That includes automated sequences, landing pages, GDPR compliance measures, scheduling and more. Definitely a must if you’re looking to up your email marketing game.


The rockstar of calendar booking, Acuity is our fave and we’ve tried a bunch to find the right one. Acuity makes it easy for you to sync your calendar to and to share your booking link with others – whether it’s for a specific type of appointment or for all of them. You no longer need to ask “Okay, what time works best for you? I’m free…”. Simply send your link, and let them find a time that works for them BASED ON when you’re free. It’s your best friend when it comes to setting boundaries for your working hours too.


The COOLEST software for hosting webinars and summits. Crowdcast simplifies the entire process and looks amazing for your audience. We use Crowdcast for the Freedom Summit every year and we’ll continue to use it.